Professional Development

Over the Summer I have built on my BTEC L6 in Clinical Massage and Sports Massage by studying for a L4 Biomechanics Coach and Low Back Pain qualification, alongside a GP Exercise Referral L3 and COVID awareness training. I will explain my qualifications in more detail below.

In year one of my degree equivalent BTEC6, I qualified as an Advance Clinical Massage Therapist through the amazing Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, the only degree level training course in the UK for massage. Year 2 of the BTEC built on these skills with more in depth study of pain science, myofascial release, orthopaedic assessment techniques, exercise for rehabilitation, pathologies and a lot of anatomy and physiology! Year 3 was primarily focussed on my research project, a comparison of the effect of standalone coaching vs coaching combined with massage on the performance of horse riders. I graduated in November 2019. This means that I work with a wide range of conditions in a very holistic or integrated way (you may have shoulder pain but through questions/observation/assessments we may well deduce that the issue is a result of an imbalance at the pelvis for example, so your massage and aftercare may be body wide!). Occasionally I will refer you for diagnosis to colleagues who are able to do so (physios, GPs) but I will always help you with pain management.

My L4 qualification is in Biomechanics Coaching and Low Back Pain management. I studied at Biomechanics Education in Nottingham, and all being well I will be fully qualified in November 2020. This means that I am an Intrinsic Biomechanics specialist, assessing your movement and able to prescribe tailored exercise that can decrease discomfort and improve performance through specialist programmes of assessment and exercise. What I love about this approach is that it too works on the integrated system, viewing the body as a whole, linked system rather than a single joint issue, building on and working with my approach to massage.

The GP Referral qualification allows me to work with individuals needing wellbeing support to assist with conditions such as diabetes, obesity and pain/discomfort.

My first qualification in this field was in Holistic Therapies and I still use elements of aromatherapy and reflexology in my massage treatments, indeed you can still book in for a standalone reflexology appointment.

If you have any questions about my services or qualifications please do call/email.

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