Member of SMA, ESMA, IBA

BTEC L6 Jing Method Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist & Sports Massage Therapist

HND Equine Science

L4 Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach

Centre 10 Certificate in Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches

RWYM Coach in Training

GP Exercise Referral

Dip Equine Sports Massage

Dip Holistic Therapies

Cert. Teaching & Coaching.

As an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, I specialise in chronic pain relief, especially post injury or surgery recovery.  I have a strong interest in rehabilitation and biomechanics after recovering from a knee injury and subsequent surgery myself.  A lifelong horse rider, my clinic has a focus on Equestrians, but this is not exclusive – I can and will treat anyone requiring support for painful conditions or to enhance athletic performance.

As an Intrinsic Biomechanics Coach, I can assess your movement and muscle engagement, and develop a prescriptive exercise programme to enable you to take ownership of your recovery/performance improvement.

During my treatments, I use a combination of traditional techniques alongside Amma, Soft Tissue Release, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release, which is especially effective in the treatment of scar tissue and generalised tension.  Indeed, I believe that Fascia is the Future, and research is demonstrating just how important this connective tissue is to our wellbeing and athletic performance. I blend in assessments and exercises from the Biomechanics training to give a holistic treatment and bespoke plan.

From my original training as a Holistic Therapist, I also incorporate Aromatherapy and Reflexology where appropriate for relaxation and to enhance treatments.  

Qualified to BTEC L6 in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (ACMT) through Jing Advanced Massage Training in Brighton, I have an in depth understanding of the bio-psycho-social model of pain management, anatomy and physiology, common pathologies and a wide range of techniques such as Myofascial Release and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

Alongside ACMT, I am qualified in Equine Sports Massage and have studied Equine Science at Hartpury College, which helps me understand the effects of different riding techniques and tack on the horse, knowledge expanded by over 800hrs of CPD in equine and rider biomechanics.  

I enjoy working with both horse and rider to improve performance through massage alongside biomechanics coaching, and to enhance this further, I intend to qualify as a Ride With Your Mind Coach.

The clinic is well equipped with free and fixed weights, body weight resistance equipment and a Racewood Riding Simulator, called Rocky, who I bought from my Centred Riding Instructor after 3 years of working with her and Rocky to improve my own riding. 

I am an RAF veteran, leaving after 12 years of service as a commissioned Flight Operations Officer.  My role took me all over the world, from Afghanistan to Peru on operations and expeditions, and I had the honour of being the task allocator and planner on The Royal Squadron for 2 years.  I ended my career as an instructor, gaining valuable experience of coaching in the classroom and practical simulator along with gaining my coaching qualification.  

An outdoor person, I am a keen horse rider and competitor in Endurance Riding with my horse.  My dog helps with my fitness by getting me out for regular walks and is often in the clinic, and I attend circuit sessions at my gym several times a week.  I enjoy photography and to relax I love to curl up with a good book whenever I get chance.

The new clinic is based at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, a newly built international competition venue with good parking, onsite shopping and cafe.


I have a vision of delivering holistic support for those in pain in the community and providing performance support for local athletes, especially horse riders, I opened my doors in May 2018.

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